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clarification on WG balloting process

Dear 1904.4 ballot group members,


I thought it would help if I sent a brief explanation of what the WG ballot entails. I heard from at least one balloter that this was unclear.


The ballot vote is a vote on D2.0 becoming the final draft that is passed to IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) for approval as a full standard.


The APPROVE vote indicates that the voter agrees the current version (D2.0) becoming the final standard without any additional changes.


The APPROVE WITH COMMENTS means that the voter has some comments and would like to see some changes made to the draft D2.0, but the voter considers these comments not significant and approves the draft becoming the standard, even if these comments were rejected.


The DISAPPROVE vote means that the voter believes the draft has significant issues that must be resolved before the voter could approve the draft becoming a standard. This vote must include TR and/or ER comments.



If during the ballot comment resolution meeting, the draft undergoes any changes, a next version is created and balloted again. Once a balloted draft receives no new DISSAPROVE comments and no changes are made to the draft, we are essentially done in our task force and the draft goes to IEEE Standards Association for their own ballot.


Thank you,



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