IEEE 1904.3 Task Force

Meeting Materials

June 21-22, 2016
Sohuset, Denmark

WG Materials All TF3 files in Zip format:
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Reports, Administrative Matters
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Task Force meeting agenda tf3_1606_agenda.pdf
32KB | 15-Jun-2016 18:35:53 EDT
1 Task Force Opening Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_opening.pdf
273KB | 20-Jun-2016 17:43:32 EDT
2 Task Force Closing Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_closing.pdf
54KB | 23-Jun-2016 20:29:11 EDT
Technical Proposals
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 RoE timestamp and presentation time in past Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_korhonen_pastts_1.pdf
181KB | 15-Jun-2016 16:12:05 EDT
2 RoE agnostic mapper and Start of Frame Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_korhonen_sof_2.pdf
167KB | 15-Jun-2016 16:13:03 EDT
3 The Structure Agnostic Mapper clarifications Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_korhonen_agnostic_2.pdf
53KB | 15-Jun-2016 16:13:11 EDT
4 The Simple Tunneling Mapper Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_korhonen_tmap_1.pdf
45KB | 15-Jun-2016 16:12:52 EDT
Comment Database
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1a Comments with Proposed Responses tf3_1606_comments_proposed.xlsm
187KB | 21-Jun-2016 13:22:18 EDT
1b Resolved Comments tf3_1606_comments_resolved.xlsm
190KB | 23-Jun-2016 20:28:17 EDT
Comment Supplemental Files
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Post-Deadline Materials and Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 The Simple Tunneling Mapper (updated version) Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1606_korhonen_tmap_2.pdf
51KB | 23-Jun-2016 20:28:50 EDT
2 RoE OAM PDU Richard Maiden Intel Corporation tf3_1606_maiden_oampdu_1.pdf
95KB | 20-Jul-2016 23:13:45 EDT

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