IEEE 1904.4 Task Force

Standard for Service Interoperability in 25 Gb/s and 50 Gb/s Ethernet Passive Optical Networks


This standard builds upon the IEEE Std 802.3ca™-2020 Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 25 Gb/s and 50 Gb/s Passive Optical Networks standard and creates a system-level and a network-level specifications, thus allowing full "plug-and-play" interoperability of the transport, service, and control planes in a multi-vendor environment. This standard has the scope and the purpose similar to IEEE Std 1904.1™-2017 Standard for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON), but it extends to 25G-EPON and 50G-EPON architectures. In addition to increased data rates, it specifies system-level functions necessary to support multi-channel operation with channel bonding, new bandwidth allocation methods, and new logical link provisioning.

Scope of the project

This standard describes the system-level requirements needed to provide service-level, multi-vendor interoperability of Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) equipment. The specifications complement the existing IEEE 802.3(TM) and IEEE 802.1Q(TM) standards, which enable the interoperability at the Physical Layer and Data Link Layer. Specifically included in this specification are:

  • 25G-EPON and 50G-EPON system-level interoperability specifications covering equipment functionality, traffic engineering, and service-level quality of service/class of service (QoS/CoS) mechanisms;
  • Management specifications covering equipment management, service management, and power utilization.

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