IEEE 1904 Revision & Maintenance Task Force

Meeting Materials

August 30, 2018

Meeting Agenda WG Materials All RMTF files in Zip format:
475KB | 27-Aug-2018 15:43:13 EDT
Reports, Administrative Matters
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Task Force Opening Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs
2 Task Force Closing Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs
Maintenance Request Database(s)
# Title File
1 1904.1-2017 Received maintenance requests rmtf_1808_mrdb_1904_1_20180824.xlsm
181KB | 27-Aug-2018 13:53:30 EDT
179KB | 27-Aug-2018 15:42:24 EDT
New Maintenance Requests for IEEE 1904.1-2017
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Attribute aPhyType is missing identifiers for 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Kazutaka Kawamoto Sumitomo Electric rmtf_1808_kawamoto_1.txt
772 B | 23-Aug-2018 15:51:37 EDT

Attachment: rmtf_1808_kawamoto_nbase_t_support.pdf
138KB | 22-Aug-2018 19:02:51 EDT
2 Wrong context object is shown for the aQueueConfig attribute Glen Kramer Broadcom rmtf_1808_kramer_1.txt
928 B | 23-Aug-2018 15:49:48 EDT
3 Wrong cross-reference to OAMPDU opcodes Glen Kramer Broadcom rmtf_1808_kramer_2.txt
703 B | 23-Aug-2018 15:51:08 EDT
Technical Proposals
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Post-Deadline Materials and Submissions from the floor
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