IEEE 1904.3 Task Force

Meeting Materials

April 25-27, 2016
San Jose, CA USA

Meeting Agenda WG Materials All TF3 files in Zip format:
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Reports, Administrative Matters
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Task Force Opening Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1604_opening.pdf
177KB | 27-Apr-2016 19:56:43 EDT
2 Task Force Closing Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1604_closing.pdf
170KB | 27-Apr-2016 19:55:52 EDT
Technical Proposals
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Data Path vs. Control Path for Timing of Radio Data Richard Tse Microsemi tf3_1604_tse_datapath_1.pdf
417KB | 18-Apr-2016 12:23:18 EDT
2 RoE Use Cases Richard Tse Microsemi tf3_1604_tse_use_cases_1.pdf
410KB | 18-Apr-2016 12:23:39 EDT
3 EtherType and RoE common header format Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_201604_korhonen_ptk_type_1.pdf
B | File not present
4 1PPS Signal Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_1pps_1.pdf
179KB | 18-Apr-2016 12:24:03 EDT
5 Redefining Timestamp Precision Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_timestamp_1.pdf
226KB | 18-Apr-2016 12:24:14 EDT
6 Time Accuracy of Sequence Numbers Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_seqnum_1.pdf
359KB | 18-Apr-2016 12:24:20 EDT
7 Control Packets for RoE Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_control_packets_1.pdf
784KB | 19-Apr-2016 12:09:24 EDT
8 Handling Multiple K-Characters Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_k_chars_1.pdf
211KB | 18-Apr-2016 17:35:57 EDT
Comment Database
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Comment Supplemental Files
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Post-Deadline Materials and Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 RF Accuracy — Presentation time & sequence numbers Richard Maiden Intel Corporation tf3_1604_maiden_rf_timing_1a.pdf
703KB | 19-Apr-2016 17:58:14 EDT
2 RoE Link Setup Gareth Edwards Xilinx Inc. tf3_1604_edwards_link_setup_1.pdf
452KB | 21-Apr-2016 14:38:56 EDT
3 Redefining Timestamp Precision (revised during meeting) Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_timestamp_4.pdf
230KB | 27-Apr-2016 14:00:28 EDT
4 1PPS Signal (revised during meeting) Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1604_bross_1pps_2.pdf
179KB | 27-Apr-2016 13:59:06 EDT
5 RoE OAM PDU Richard Maiden Intel Corporation tf3_1604_maiden_oampdu.pdf
76KB | 20-Jul-2016 22:58:32 EDT

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