IEEE 1904 Access Networks Working Group

Basic and Exteneded OAM TLV Branch Code Assignments

Last updated on 17-Feb-2022
Branch Code (hex) ↓ Scoped under OUI (hex) Branch Designation Specified in Standard
03 n/a Basic Objects IEEE 802.3.1-2013
04 n/a Package Identification IEEE 802.3.1-2013
07 n/a Basic Attributes IEEE 802.3.1-2013
09 n/a Basic Actions IEEE 802.3.1-2013
0A n/a Notifications IEEE 802.3.1-2013
37 C4-E0-32 Extended Object Identification IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package C)
A7 58-D0-8F VLC Service Interface Counters IEEE 1904.2-2021
A8 58-D0-8F VLC Rule Counters IEEE 1904.2-2021
B6 90-82-60 Extended Object Identification IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package B)
B7 90-82-60 Extended Attributes IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package B)
B9 90-82-60 Extended Actions IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package B)
C7 C4-E0-32 Extended Attributes IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package C)
C9 C4-E0-32 Extended Actions IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package C)
D6 58-D0-8F Extended Object Identification IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package A)
and IEEE 1904.2-2021
D7 58-D0-8F Extended Attributes IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package A)
D8 58-D0-8F Programmable Counters IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package A)
D9 58-D0-8F Extended Actions IEEE 1904.1-2017 (Package A)
DA 58-D0-8F Extended Object Identification IEEE P1904.4 (draft)
DB 58-D0-8F Extended Attributes IEEE P1904.4 (draft)
DC 58-D0-8F Programmable Counters IEEE P1904.4 (draft)
DD 58-D0-8F Extended Actions IEEE P1904.4 (draft)

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Modified: 17-Feb-2022