News and Press Releases

November 4, 2014
New IEEE 1904.1™ Conformity-Testing Standards and Program Designed to Foster Multi-Vendor Interoperability of EPON Equipment IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) delivers industry’s first precise and uniform procedures for testing interoperability of products for enabling fiber-access services globally
July 18, 2013
June 14, 2013
IEEE Interoperability Standard Now Available to Facilitate Deployment of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks. IEEE 1904.1™ SIEPON Standard Promotes Multi-Vendor Plug-and-Play Interoperability in EPON Systems
April 20, 2012
Ethernet Passive Optical Networks — The FTTx Success Story Full-day seminar sponsored by the IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG)
February 1, 2012
IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) to Establish Testing and Certification Program for EPON Equipment A Collaborative effort by ICAP, Member Companies and Laboratories from the IEEE P1904.1™ SIEPON Working Group
September 7, 2011
IEEE Standards Association Announces EPON Standardization Milestone 28 Member Companies and Laboratories Collaborate in IEEE P1904.1™ SIEPON Working Group Ballot
December 14, 2010
December 14, 2009
IEEE to Develop Standard for Interoperability of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks SIEPON Standard Will Target "Plug-and-Play" within Multi-Vendor Environments

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