IEEE 1904 Access Networks Working Group

Meeting Materials

April 1-3, 2015
Louisville, CO USA

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Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
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1 Meeting agenda anwg_1504_agenda.pdf
25KB | 30-Mar-2015 12:37:18 EDT
2 General Information and Opening Remarks Glen Kramer Broadcom Corp. anwg_1504_opening.pdf
452KB | 2-Apr-2015 18:21:56 EDT
3 Executive Secretary Report Zhou Zhen Fiberhome Technologies anwg_1504_exec_report.pdf
1.0MB | 25-Mar-2015 04:51:10 EDT
4 Approved Minutes of February 2015 meeting Zhou Zhen Fiberhome Technologies anwg_1502_minutes_approved.pdf
146KB | 12-Feb-2015 11:51:24 EST
5 February Meeting Financial Report N/A
6 Meeting Hosting Proposal for June 2015 Huang Jinri China Mobile anwg_1504_huang_1.pdf
1.0MB | 30-Mar-2015 11:56:55 EDT
7 Chair's Closing Report Glen Kramer Broadcom Corp. anwg_1504_closing.pdf
242KB | 3-Apr-2015 13:51:33 EDT
8 Unapproved Minutes of April 2015 meeting Zhou Zhen Fiberhome Technologies anwg_1504_minutes_unapproved.pdf
309KB | 7-Apr-2015 15:55:50 EDT
Liaison Communications
# Subject Organization Contact File
1 LS/r on new versions of the Access Network Transport (ANT) standardization overview and work plan (reply to ITU-T-SG12-067, ITU-R-5A/TEMP/227, ITU-R-5D/TEMP/420, IEEE-P1904.1-LS006) ITU-T SG15/Q1 Jean-Marie Fromenteau, Corning Optical Fiber
Tetsuya Yokotani, Mitsubishi Electric
140KB | 23-Mar-2015 14:51:30 EDT
2 Collaboration on Radio over Ethernet related topics IEEE 802.1 WG Glenn Parsons, Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG anwg_1504_ils_8021_1.pdf
12KB | 2-Apr-2015 18:17:15 EDT
2 New work item on Time Sensitive Networking for fronthaul IEEE 802.1 WG Glenn Parsons, Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG anwg_1504_ils_8021_2.pdf
10KB | 25-Mar-2015 14:27:43 EDT
3 CPRI response to IEEE 1904.3 Liaison Statement CPRI Cooperation Tero Mustala, Nokia Networks anwg_1504_ils_cpri.pdf
12KB | 30-Mar-2015 12:26:32 EDT
Submissions from the floor
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