IEEE 1904.3 Task Force

Meeting Materials

October 27-29, 2015
Hillsboro, OR USA

Meeting Agenda WG Materials All TF3 files in Zip format:
4.6MB | 30-Nov-2015 13:26:39 EST
Reports, Administrative Matters
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Task Force Opening Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_opening.pdf
55KB | 29-Oct-2015 15:19:45 EDT
2 Task Force Closing Report Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_closing.pdf
48KB | 30-Oct-2015 12:57:36 EDT
Technical Proposals
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 Support for Bi-directional flows Sriram Devi Intel Corporation tf3_1510_devi_flow_id_1.pdf
160KB | 19-Oct-2015 13:28:35 EDT
Comment Database
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Comment Supplemental Files
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Post-Deadline Materials and Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
1 CPRI structure-aware mapper Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_cprimapper_1.pdf
38KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:35:00 EDT
2 CPRI structure-aware mapper
(proposed draft changes)
Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_cprimapper_draft_change_1.docx
887KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:46:16 EDT
3 Sequence number revisited Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_seqnum_1.pdf
40KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:36:35 EDT
4 Sequence number revisited
(proposed draft changes)
Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_seqnum_draft_change_1.docx
613KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:46:23 EDT
5 Start of frame revisited Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_sflag_1a.pdf
618KB | 30-Nov-2015 13:24:54 EST
6 Start of frame revisited
(proposed draft changes)
Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_sflag_draft_change_1.docx
702KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:46:30 EDT
7 Extended header space revisited Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_exthdr_1.pdf
38KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:40:46 EDT
8 Extended header space revisited
(proposed draft changes)
Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_exthdr_draft_change_1.docx
608KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:46:39 EDT
9 Simultaneous use of timestamps and sequence numbers Jouni Korhonen Broadcom tf3_1510_korhonen_tssn_1.pdf
39KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:41:56 EDT
10 Call Drop Tests Richard Maiden Altera tf3_1510_maiden_call_drop_tests_1.pdf
295KB | 19-Oct-2015 21:32:47 EDT
11 Sequence number and frame start Yasser K Bajwa FACA (HonHai Precision) tf3_1510_bajwa_seqnumber_1.pdf
306KB | 28-Oct-2015 12:57:00 EDT
12 Structure-agnostic Encapsulation Kevin Bross Intel Corporation tf3_1510_bross_agnostic_1.pdf
509KB | 29-Oct-2015 15:15:07 EDT

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